Nagaraju Chakilam IPS
Commissioner of Police, Commissionerate Kochi


Welcome to the official website of Police Commissionerate, Kochi.
POLICE COMMISSIONERATE KOCHI has always been in the forefront of new policing initiatives in Kerala State.
Checking the menace of drugs and instilling sense of safety and security among the public, especially vulnerable sections like women and children, through people-centric policing will be on the top of my priority list.
I firmly believe that policing can be done effectively only with active co-operation of the citizens.  And hence, we will be laying more emphasis on collecting feedback from people to assess their expectations from police thereby instilling a sense of security and safety among the people.
With some very good officers we will be capable of achieving very high standards of policing. The enormous expectation and the responsibility vested on us by the public necessitate quicker and more positive responses from us.
I hope that this website will be a pathway in our partnership to ensure better policing. We look forward to your assistance, comments and feedback, which will help us, help you, better.