IGP & Commissioner of Police

Commissioner of Police, Kochi City


My Greetings of Peace and Good life to all of you.
Kochi City Police has been in the forefront of involving the community in day to day policing and also in modernizing the force, to provide more effective service to the citizens. With this objective of bringing policing down to the doorsteps of the public, the City police have on one hand launched the multifarious programme of Janamaitri, to introduce the concept of Community Policing, and on the other hand, we have modernized the force on various fronts, to provide better service delivery to the citizens. These steps have borne fruits in the last three years, with the crime rate showing a considerable decline. The emphasis is not on statistics alone, but on the public perception on whether the police is more effective and responsive to the needs of the public. On this front, the community policing programmes, like Traffic monitor scheme, night watch scheme, Neighborhood Watch Scheme, education schemes for the public, SUBHAYATRA, NAVODAYAM etc. has brought about a sea change in the public perception, on the effectiveness of the City police in providing a safe and secure atmosphere for the citizens.

To cement this exercise, we have built a web interface for the public through this website, so as to enable the public to know more about the police. The citizens can put in their petitions, complaints, information etc before the police through the web site, and this has been proved to be a major hit in the last three years, with a host of information and complaints being received through this medium. We are in the process of becoming a active participant in the social networking sites like Orkut, Twitter, Facebook etc also so as to more accessible to the citizens. We sincerely thank you for the support extended in all our endeavors and we hope that you will continue to actively assist and partner the police to build a crime free and secure city of Kochi.