Kochi city police have arrested six youths with deadly drugs.

 A large quantity of synthetic drugs were being smuggled and sold in luxury vehicles from drug hubs in  neighboring states for use at rave parties in Kochi and sold among college students, 16 LSD stamps, 2.23 grams of MDMA and 65 grams of hashish oil were seized during a raid conducted in Fort Kochi, Mattancherry and 65 grams of hashish oil. 

Following a tip-off from Kochi City Police Commissioner Sri Nagaraju Chakilam IPS, the Narcotics Cell,  Assistant Commissioner Mr Abdul Salam and Mattancherry Assistant Commissioner Sri V G Raveendranath, Fort Kochi Inspector Manu V Nair, Mattancherry SI Rupesh, District Anti-Narcotics Special Action Force,Fort Kochi, Mattanchery Police were conducted the search.