Kochi police have arrested two people for allegedly dealing with the deadly drug MDMA.

A man from Palakkad and a woman from Idukki were caught by the Kochi City Police DANSAF team with the deadly drug MDMA. C.S. Shanub, 44 years old, resident of Palakkad, Trithala, Malakkakatthiri Kakatilza, 38 years old Shailendranja, resident of Idukki, Chinnar, Elapara, Manalipara were arrested by the police with 10.88 grams of MDMA. who lived in a house on the Karukappalli-Mamangalam road within Elamakara police station, was transporting large quantities of drugs from inside and outside the state to Ernakulam and selling them in small quantities to the market where the demand rose.

Based on the confidential information received by Kochi City Police Commissioner K. Sethuraman IPS, Deputy Police Commissioner Sasidharan was monitoring them for a week with the help of Cyber ​​Cell under the guidance of Assistant Commissioner of Narcotics Cell Police Abdul Salam.The suspects were arrested as part of the special combing by Elamakara Police Station Inspector Sanish S.R, Sub-Inspectors Subair, Faisal, Civil Police Officers Rajesh,Amritha and Police Officers of Dansaf team.

After receiving a secret message that young men and women were regularly coming and going in the house where the accused were staying, the police was closely monitoring the activities of the accused with the help of cyber cell. On 03.02.2023, when the police came to know that the accused were going from Malappuram to carry drugs, they searched the house where they was staying and arrested them.