Janamaithri Suraksha

Janamaithri Suraksha Project

Janamaithri Suraksha Project seeks the responsible participation of the citizens in crime prevention at the level of the local community, conserving the resources, both of the community and of the police, in fighting against crimes which threaten the security of the community. Experience shows that by seeking the active co-operation of the public in performance of police duties, the process of Law Enforcement becomes far more effective.

In Kochi City police, Janamaithri Suraksha Project was implemented .


Policing in India, due to its colonial legacy, has primarily restricted itself to a autocratic style of functioning wherein the functions of the police were primarily negative, aimed at catching criminals and to exercise fear among the citizens, so as to prevent crime. But over the years this outlook, has evolved a definite change and this has now been accelerated by the economic development and social change taking place in the country. The government and the citizens alike, have understood the role of the police as agents or facilitators of economic development and social emancipation. Within the Government machinery also, the realization has come that the police needs to change its stance, of working in isolation to one of working with the society or in popular terms ”bringing policing to the doorsteps of the people”. The concept of Community policing then appealed as an official policy of the Government. The other factors that further contributed to the introduction of such a policy, includes the paucity of the strength of the police vis a vis the increasing responsibilities, the need to change the image of the police as a servant of the society, to tap the services of the members of the public for crime prevention and detection, as all these form a part of the social responsibility of all the citizens.

        The concept of community policing is not new to the State. Many police leaders, time and time again, on their individual initiatives had introduced this concept in their areas of jurisdiction. Many of these schemes had a considerable amount of success also. But once the leaders changed the programme also was put to the backburner. With these lessons, and after a lot of study and consultation at the Government level with all the stakeholders and the various political leaders, the Government introduced The Janamaitri scheme – A community policing Scheme,  as a police policy of the Government.


  1. Prevention of Crimes
  2. Furthering co-operation and mutual understanding between Police and the Community
  3. Furthering Security-related mutual co-operation among Citizenry