Women desks in Police Stations
Women Desks have been set up in most of the Police Stations of the State, since February 2006, under the charge of Women Police personnel, with an aim to help Women and Children seeking Police help, which they can do without any fear or inhibitions. Cases of atrocities against Women and Children, and harassment of women at home, work places or in public places, come under the purview of the Women Desks. These have proved to be extremely successful.

The Womens Desk in a Police Station is under the control of a WHC/WPC who listens to the complaints patiently and sympathetically, and takes the matter to higher authorities wherever necessary. The Women Desk also provides adequate and proper information to the Women and Children approaching them on various issues relating to the Police work. The Womens Desk is functioning during daytime ie. from 8 AM to 6 PM on all days. This system has been found to be a great success in redressing the grievances of the needy Women and Children.

Senior Citizen Help Desk
Senior Citizen Help Desk is implemented in Kochi City Police Unit.

Student Care Project
The Kochi City Police have initiated the new project namely "Student Care Project" at all schools in Kochi City Police Jurisdiction from 1st June 2016 onwards. The project is based on a software installed Programme that help to find out the students who are not reaching the schools/ colleges. An &lsquoonline&rsquo software is installed in the computer system at school computer which is accessible to the school authorities to submitting the details of unauthorized absentees. The details of these students are directly submitted to the Commissioner of Police, Kochi City and the Women Police personnel working in the City Police Call Centre are checking the list of absentees and inform the matter over telephone to the parents of the students, on the same day itself.
The project has started in Mattancherry Sub Division during the school opening in June 2016, in Ernakulam Sub Division by July 2016 and in Thrikkakara Sub Division by September 2016. About 69 Educational institutions including Schools, Colleges, Parallel Colleges, ITIs etc of Mattancherry Sub Division are incorporated in the project and as the Second Phase of the Project the initiative has extended its area to Ernakulam Sub Division from July 2016 and started the project in 67 Educational institutions. The installation process in Thrikkakara Sub Division is in progress and at present 40 schools of Thrikkakra are incorporated in the project.
The Police Official concerned will contact the parents and collect the reasons of absence and the same will help to avoid the unwanted tendency to withdraw students from class rooms, and this will help to prevent students from anti social activities like drugs, sexual abuses etc. The students who need counseling were directed to the District Adolescent Counselling Centre working in General Hospital and giving a counseling. At present about 10 students were taken to Counselling till date.
As we know, the school dropped out students are the main victims and culprits of many crimes like illegal trafficking of drugs and so many other anti social activities in our society. The above said initiative is a maiden venture so as to prevent all these social menace at the student&rsquos level from the Kochi City Police.

Last updated on Saturday 18th of June 2022 PM