Chief Minister's Police Medal

Chief Minister's Police Medal is awarded to Police Personnel and officers for their dedicate work and excellence in providing effective policing to the public. Nominations from each Police District will be sent to Police Headquarters. A scrutinizing committee will scrutinize these nominations and will select the most suitable Police Personnel to be awarded Chief Ministers Police Medal.

CM MEDAL - 2023
1 Sri.Harikumar R SI(G) Kumbalangi OP
2 Sri.Harimon PV  SI (G) Traffic East PS
3 Sri.USMAN TA SI (G) Central PS
4 Sri.Anilkumar R SI(G) Kumbalangi OP
5 Sri.Mohanan PK SI (G) Mattanchery PS
6 Smt.Nishamol T SI(G) Vanitha Cell
7 Sri.Rajeev KM SI(G) Cybercell
8 Sri.Vinesh MV  SCPO (G) DHQ
9 Sri.Delfin KT SCPO (G) DHQ
10 Sri.Robert Mendez SCPO (G)  Traffic East PS
11 Smt.Biji AV CPO Panangad PS
12 Sri. Vineeth P CPO ET North
13 Sri. Ajilesh A CPO Cheranellooe PS
14 Smt. Salini KV  CPO Mattanchery PS


Last updated on Wednesday 20th of September 2023 AM