Highway Police


The main objectives of Highway Patrols are controlling Traffic, enforcement of Traffic Laws, prevention of Road Accidents, providing immediate attention and assistance to victims of accidents, handling of Law & Order issues, and enforcement of Laws on Highways, etc. Each Highway Police Vehicle is assigned an &lsquoOperational area&rsquo and a Base Station. The Officers and men are deployed for duty in the Highway Police from various Police Stations in the District.

Control Room Vehicles
     The Control Room has been functioning with the help of 11 Nos of Control Room Vehicles and One KRL flying.  The Control Room vehicles are being located at different places of Kochi City as per the directions issued from this office. The Control Room Vehicle operates round the clock as a turn in 12 Hrs each. The service of Control Room vehicles and staff are used to manage the emergency situations like law and order problems, Natural Calamities, Fire Hazards, VVIP visits and traffic control etc.
As the introduction of the new system the Police assistance to the people will get within 5 minutes and the general public had appreciated the performance of Police Control Room. More over the general public have a feeling of security and presence of Police at any time in Kochi City.

 Highway Police (K26) is running in between Aroor to Muttam and it has an important role in reducing accidents in the NH 47. In addition to this a Speed Lazar Radar vehicle is also running in the   NH-47. By operation of this vehicle accident in the Highway due to over speed can be reduced.
GPS has been installed at all Control Room Vehicles and High Police vehicle.

Last updated on Friday 20th of May 2022 PM