Kochi is a city located in the Ernakulam District in the Indian state of Kerala and is also known as the queen of Arabian sea. It is a major port city in India. In November 1962, the Government sanctioned the formation of a separate Police district Kochin and Travancore and the district of Malabar. After formation of Kerala the Travancore Kochi State Police became part of Kerala Police. That time the Kochi City had 3 police departments viz Fortkochi police , Mattancherry police and Ernakulam City Police. In 1947, the Cochin State Royal Police was merged with Royal Travancore Police to form Travancore-Kochi State Police. After formation of Kerala, this force became part of Kerala Police. That time, the Kochi city had 3 police departments, namely Fort Kochi Police, Mattancherry Police and Ernakulam City Police. In 1960 when 3 municipalities was merged to form Cochin City Corporation, the force too was renamed as Kochi City Police.

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