Janamaithri Suraksha

Janamythri Police project is introduced in 23 Police Stations of Kochi Commissionerate.JanamaithriSuraksha Project of Kerala Police is a path breaking project which aims to effectively bridge the gap between police and public through participation of citizens in matters of crime prevention, intelligence sharing and prioritizing policing areas at the level of police beats. Designated, well trained male and female beat officers directly interact with each and every family and citizen in their beat and develop familiarity with the happenings in the locality.
Government of Kerala launched JanamaithriSuraksha Project in 20 selected Police Stations in March, 2008. As on today JanamaithriSuraksha Project is implemented in all 478 Police stations in Kerala. It was introduced in a phased manner to cover over half the police stations by 2012 and the remaining by 2018. The project has made tremendous impact on Kerala Society. Further a number of initiatives such as establishment of Coastal Vigilance Committees, Road Safety Programmes, etc. are being implemented in the State. These programmes also are based on the philosophy, principles and practices of Community Policing. Since Community Policing involves a philosophy of policing which is distinct from the traditional approach to policing, it is of crucial importance that appropriate training inputs are given for developing the right attitude, imparting the relevant knowledge and skills among the cutting edge level police officials.
In order to popularize the concept of Janamaithri Project, JanamaithriKendrams/centres were opened in District and Battalion Headquarters. These centres help people to come and interact with police. These centres have become extremely popular with the public.

Last updated on Wednesday 18th of May 2022 PM