Venjaramoodu Circle

472 - 2872032

This Circle Station started functioning on 14.12.1973 as per G.O.(MS) 135/73 Home dtd. 03.08.1973 and IGO.No. 707/73 dtd. 08.12.1973.

Formerly the Jurisdiction of this Circle stretches about 22 Kms in MC Road from Maruthoor to Karette with Venjaramoodu and Vattappara Police Stations.

At the time of the formation of Pothencode Circle, Venjaramoodu Circle is reorganized with Venjaramoodu and Pangode Police Stations as its jurisdictional area.

Venjaramoodu Circle Office situated near the MC Road at Venjaramoodu in the same building of Venjaramoodu Police Station. The postal address is 'Inspector of Police, Venjaramoodu, Pin 695607.

Sub Division - Attingal

Police Stations - Venjaramoodu and Pangode