Mulavukad Police Station

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Jurisdiction Boundary of Mulavukad Police

Mulavukad, locally known as Bolghatty Island, is one of the islands that forms part of the city of Kochi, Kerala, India. Vypin island and Vallarpadam island lie on its west side and Vaduthala lie to its east. Mulavukad is connected to Ernakulam city & Vallarpadam by the Gosree bridges

The Bolgatty Palace was one of the famous tourism center in this island. It was built by the Dutch and later taken over by the British. The Palace is a tourist attraction and a heritage hotel, managed by the Kerala State Tourism Department (KTDC).

Mulavukad Police Station is opened on 17.06.1989 as per SRO No. 561/89, This Police Station has been shifted to New Building (Rented Building) No.GO Rt No. 2058/94 Mulavukad Panchayath on 15.11.1994, Mulavukad Police Station Shifted to new building As per GO (Rt) No. 2066/2015/home, to near Container road, Ponnarimangalam. Building No. MGP/VI/54 in Resurvey No. 31/1 in Mulavukad Village.
The station coming under Ernakulam Sub division and Ernakulam Central Circle office. P R Sunu, is now handling the charge of SHO, His phone number is 9497980417 Total 32 police personnel are working in this police station. Totally 4 beats are in this station. Clean campus safe campus, Traffic/ Students Safety, Seniour citizen Help Desk and women help desk is functioning in this police station.

Jurisdiction details

Ponjikkara, Ponnarimangalam, Mulavukad, Vallarpadam, Panambukad,Thanthonnithuruth, Gundu Island, Raanthuruth
West- Vallarpadam, South-Bolgatty, East-Thannonnithuruth, North- Mulavukad North

POPULATION                                                                     22322
   A. MALE                                                                           11017                                                                   

   B. FEMALE                                                                       11305

Border Police station

West side of the station share boarder with EKM Rural limit, Other border police stations are Fortkochi PS, Harbour PS, Central PS, ET North PS & Cheranelloor PS

Jurisdictional Courts

Judicial First Class Magistrate Court- I, Varkala

Parliament Constituency and Legislative Assembly

The station jurisdiction comes under Ernakulam Parliament Constituency and in Vypin and KochiLegislative Assemblies.

Important Places

Vallarpadam Container Terminal (ICTT)

India’s first international container trans-shipment terminal (ICTT) in the Special Economic Zone at nearby Vallarpadam Island,Kochi designed to handle the largest container ships,will be opened by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with a token inaugural call by a vessel that’s small by industry standards. The country's first global hub terminal, the ICTT is in strategic proximity to international sea routes.




Bolgatty Palace

Bolgatty Palace is a former palace built by the Dutch in India, located on the island popularly known as Bolghatty Island in Kochi, Kerala. One of the oldest existing Dutch palaces outside Holland, this quaint mansion, built in 1744 by Dutch traders, was later extended and gardens were landscaped around it. The building was then the Governor's palace for the commander of Dutch Malabar, and later in 1909 was leased to the British. It served as the home of the British Governors, being the seat of the British Resident of Cochin during the British Raj. In 1947, when India attained independence, the palace became the property of the state and was later converted into a heritage hotel resort. Bolgatty Palace now has a swimming pool, 9-hole golf course, ayurvedic centre and daily Kathakali performances and is a holiday destination for Indian and overseas tourists. There is in a temple dedicated to Shiva that is the first of its kind in Kerala.



 PHS Mulavukad, PHS Panabukad

Educational Institutions

*Aided L P School, Mulavukad North
*Govt. Fisheries LP School, Panambukad
*St. Joseph UP School, Ponnarimangalam
*St. Marys LP School, Ponnarimangalam
*Hidhayathul Islam HS, Ponnarimangalam
*St. Mary's high school, Vallarpadam
*St. Sebastin UP School, Ponjikkara
*St. Francis AILP School, (Anglo Indian School) Bolgatty
*St. Joseph LP School, Panambukad
*St. Antony's Europin Primary School (Anglo Indian School),Panambukad


Banks and Financial institutions

IOB Mananakku, Keezhattingal, SBT Vakkom, Kadakkavoor, Federal Bank Vakkom, Manamboor, District Co-operative Bank Vakkom, Kavalayoor, KSFE- Mananakku, Kadakkavoor.


There are 6 temples and 4 churches and 2 mosque is situated in Mulavukad Police station Limit. Among these Vallarpadam church is Main worship places and large number of devotees visited this worship place.

Ayyappankovil Ponnikkara, Thandassery temple Ponnarimangalam, Subramanyan Temple Ponnarimangalam, Vattekad Temple Ponnarimangalam, Kerleswaram Temple Mulavukad, Ceppayil Bhagavathy Temple Mulavukad, Pattupurakkal Temple Mulavukad North, Kartheyani Mulavukad North, Subramanyan Temple Panambukad, Adikkandam Bhagavathy teple Panabukad, Ayyappa Temple Panambukad, Sree Rudhramala Temple Thanthonnithuruth,
St Sebastin Church Ponnikara, St Marys Church Ponnariangalam, St Antonys Chappel Mulavukad, Ourlady vallarpadam, St Joseph Church Panabukad, Vallarpadam Church
Hidhayathul Mosque Ponnarimangalam,  Hidhayathul Mosque Mulavukad

Pilgrim Centre

vallarpadam Basilica

The Roman Catholic Church has raised the historic Marian pilgrimage destination on the Vallarpadam Island to the status of a National Pilgrim Centre. The documents related to the raising of the status of the Our Lady of Ransom Church on the island was handed over recently to the Archbishop of Varappuzha Daniel Acharuparampil by the President of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India, Cardinal Telesphore Toppo.
The picture of Mary and Infant Jesus, installed at the top of the main altar of the Vallarpadam Church, was brought by Portuguese merchants under the leadership of Vasco Da Gama in 1524. In 1676 the old Church, which was known as the Church of the Holy Spirit, founded by the Portuguese missionaries, was destroyed by a heavy flood, and the picture was found floating in the backwaters. Nobody except Paliyath Raman Valiyachan, the Prime Minister of Maharaja of Cochin, could recover it. The present church at Vallarpadamis built on land donated by Paliyath Raman Valiyachan. A sanctuary lamp which he donated has been burning day and night from 1676 onwards in his honour. The Feast of Vallarpadathamma is celebrated from 16 to 24 September every year. Thousands of pilgrims come to Vallarpadam to participate in the Feast, especially on 24 September.

Important Festivals

Vallarpadam Convention, Vallarpadam “Thirunnal” Festival, Cheppayil Teple “Meenabharani Arattu Maholsavam”, Vattekad Temple festival

Transportation-Main Roads

Container road,Vypin – Vallarpadam Gosree Road

Main Projects through the PS

  • Clean Campus Safe Campus
  • Women Help Desk 
  • Seniour Citizen Help Desk 
  • Traffic/Students Safety