Armed Reserve Unit

The armed reserve force is deployed whenever the local police need a short of manpower in law and order maintenance. Guard duty, Prisoners Escort Duty, Personnel Security Guard duties etc are also entrusted to Armed Reserve. The Armed Reserve Camp, Thiruvananthapuram Rural is at Pulinkudy near Vizhinjam. The District Armed Reserve Thiruvananthapuram Rural consists of two wings under one Assistant Commandant each. The followings are also under the supervision of Assistant Commandant of Armed Reserve Camp.

    The Armed Reserve Camp, Kochi City is the second largest District Armed Reserves in Kerala and is situated at Ernakulam and Thrippunithura.  The two Camp have a distance of approximately 16 Kms between them and have strength of 5 Active Coys and 1 HQ Coy.
    AR Camp Ernakulam situating in 2 Acres 4 Cents and 750 Sq. Links, of land opposite to Marine Drive Ground at Shannmugam Road, is having 2 Active Coys (A & B ) and 1 HQ Coy.
    AR Camp Thrippunithura situating in 7 Acres and 34.5 Cents of land opposite to Hill Palace Archeological Museum, Thrippunithura, is having 3 Active Coys (C, D & E)


                For the smooth administration, the entire strength of AR Kochi City is grouped into 3 Wings.   ‘A’ , ‘B’  & ‘DHQ” Coys forms I Wing, ‘C’ & ‘D’ Coys forms II Wing and ‘E’ & ‘HQ’ forms III Wing.   In addition to this, the entire strength of Drivers & MT Mechanics is grouped as MT Wing.  Each Wing is under the direct control of a Reserve Inspector and supervisory control of an Assistant Commandant.  MT Wing is under the direct control of Motor Transport Inspector and supervisory control of Assistant Commandant.

                The over all administration of Armed Reserve, Kochi City is vested with the Deputy Commandant of Police and the present Commandant is Sri. Unnikrishnan Commandant Office is functioning at ARC Ernakulam.

                Duties and responsibilities of Assistant Commandants & Reserve Inspectors are presently allocated as follows.

    1. Assistant Commandant of Police (Adj)
                He will be the senior most Assistant Commandant of AR Kochi City.  QM Store, AR Cashier, ‘E’ & ‘HQ’ Coys is functioning under his supervisory control.  He is the custodian of whole land and building including quarters of AR Kochi City and also is the Estate Officer.  He is coordinating entire duties from both Camps in consultation with Deputy Commandant. 
    2. Assistant Commandant – I
                  ‘C’  Coy and Mess/Canteen, ARC Ernakulam are functioning under his supervisory control.  He is the in-charge of all Police Guards provided to various agencies/institutions from both Camps, Anti Sabotage Team and equipments of this Unit, Arms and Ammunitions, Tear Gas equipments and all other Government properties issued to AR Camp Ernakulam.  He is responsible for all the VIP duty arrangements from AR Kochi City keeping close liaison with district Special Branch and in consultation with Deputy Commandant.

    3. Assistant Commandant – II
                  ‘D’ Coy and Mess/Canteen at AR Camp Thrippunithura are functioning under his supervisory control.  He is the in charge of refresher courses/intensive training and all other trainings and also responsible for the proper implementation of daily routine at ARC Thrippunithura. 

    4. Assistant Commandant – MT
                The entire administrative matters of Motor Transport Wing are under his supervisory control. 

    5. Reserve Inspector – I
                  ‘A’ , ‘B’ & DHQ Coys, Mess/Canteen and Dog Squad AR Ernakulam are functioning under his direct control.  He is responsible for arranging daily Prisoner Escort/Money Escort/other Escort duties, men & officers for various Law & Order duties and keeping reserve strength at AR Ernakulam for exigencies.  Cash charge of these Coys is also entrusted with him. 

    6. Reserve Inspector – II
                  ‘C’ & ‘D’ Coys and Mess/Canteen AR Thrippunithura are functioning under his direct control.  He is responsible for arranging routine duty arrangements from ARC Thrippunithura. Cash charge of these Coys is also entrusted with him.

    7. Reserve Inspector – III
                He is the Quarter Master of Kochi City.  QM Store and Unit Armory at AR Ernakulam & Thrippunithura, ‘E’ & ‘HQ’ Coys, Dog Squad at AR Camp, Thrippunithura are under his direct control. He is responsible for the timely repair and maintenance of buildings (including quarters) at both Camps. Since AR Kochi City is functioning as two Camps, one RSI at AR Camp Ernakulam is nominated as RSI-QM for assisting Quarter Master.  
    Quarter Master Store, main Dog Squad, Cashier Office and Magazine are functioning at ARC Thrippunithura.

     a)       GUARD DUTY: About 20 payment, 15 non payment guards and watches are being provided from AR, Kochi City.  All most all Nationalised Banks, Treasuries and other important installations like Prasar Bharathi, Head Post office etc., are guarded by Kochi City AR.  In addition to this 22 PCs provided for protection duty of High Court of Kerala.  

    b)      PERSONAL SECURITY GUARD DUTIY: About 73 Police personnel are deployed for Personal Security Guard duties to the Judges of High Court of Kerala, Director General of Prosecution, Advocate General, District Administrative Officers, and Senior Officers of Police Department. (list attached)

    c)      BOMB SQUAD: The Bomb Squad AR Kochi City is functioning under the charge of one RSI, having strength of2 HCs and 6 PCs.  Among the PCs, one Police Constable had NSG trained and others trained  at SBCID (Security), Thiruvananthapuram. 

    d)      DOG SQUAD: Dog Squad Units of Armed Reserve Camp, Ernakulam and Thrippunithura are functioning under the charge of one RSI.  2 Sniffer Dogs and 1 Tracker Dogs (2 new Pup under training) are now available in this Squad.   At present 1 HC & 8 PCs are attached to Dog Squad for handling purpose. Among them 2 HC & 2 PC are undergone training  at KEPA, Thrissur .