Man arrested with drugs LSD and MDMA

A youth from Wayanad was arrested by the Kochi City Narcotics Cell with drugs LSD and MDMA. Suhail, 22, son of Moosa of Pathayakodan House in Wayanad, Vythiri, Puthussery Kadavu, was arrested by the DANSAF team under the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Narcotic Cell. In a joint raid conducted by Kochi City Dansaf and Kavadantra police, the accused was nabbed with 25 (0.24 gm) LSD stamps and 0.4 grams of MDMA from Vyttila and Ponnurunni areas. The accused was arrested by the police in a daring manner. Some of the DANSAF team members were injured while overtaking the suspect. The accused collects drugs such as LSD, MDMA and Ecstasy Pills through courier and makes money by distributing them in small quantities to children, youth and others in places like Ponnurunni, Vyttila, Kadavanthra, Chalikkavattom and other places. It has come to the notice of the police that a large quantity of drugs is collected through courier by taking advance money from the hands of small drug dealers and giving it to them at a lower price.

The DANSAF had been keeping a close watch on the suspect for two weeks. Police said they are interrogating the accused to find out more about the persons who supplied the drugs to the accused. The accused was studying in a private institute in Ponnurunni. The police are also investigating whether other people in the firm were also involved in it.

                                On the basis of a tip-off received by the Kochi City Police Commissioner & Inspector General of Police Nagaraju Chakilam IPS, as per the instructions of deputy commissioner of police (L&O) S Sasidharan IPS, under the leadership of Assistant commissioner of police, Narcotic Cell the accused was arrested by Koshi, Sub Inspector of Police Kadavanthara and DANSAF team.

If you receive information about such drug mafias that are ruining the future of youth and students, you can send the information by video or audio to the 'Yoddhav' in the WhatsApp number 9995966666. Information can also be provided on the DANSAF number Kochi City Narcotics 9497980430. 

Kochi City Police Commissioner said that the names of those who provide information will be kept confidential.